Thursday, December 2, 2010

Google Translator - English to Hindi! or is it?

Well, Google has tried to develop several revolutionary product and services and it has succeded many a times, but does Google Translate finish as successful is debatable.. 
Being in Bangalore, the only translation I have ever needed is to or from Kannada, which now I more or less understand.. So I just thought of checking out Google Translate just for fun. Remember the last time I had fun with a google product was Quite Funny!

There is also a provision where you can listen to the translated audio.
I am going to take the case study : From English to Hindi!

Go to Google Translate and try out "India is my motherland". Its correct 100%. Also listen to the audio.

Now try " I want a samosa". The result is " में एक समोसा चाहते हैं ". Thats a typical way a westener would try to say the sentence in Hindi. Which makes me ponder did Google actually have a Hindi speaking person in its team when developing translation for Hindi.

In the video below, these two girls decided to test the Google Translator and order for Indian food and got it! So its not entirely useless though. Stuck in a life and death situation where you need to desperately communicate with the other..  Maybe this will save your life! Hopefully.

Go to Google Translate and try these from English to Hindi.

"I want a Book"
"It is getting hotter"    (Definitely listen to this translation by clicking the audio button)
"Google is a fool"

Amazingly google Gets the last one perfectly correct!!

Use your imagination and try out new sentences. If you come up with something really funny let me know in the comment section!


Lekshmi said...


Anonymous said...

try out this
i want to go to bangalore

Vivek Barun said...

That was hilarious..
Definitely try " I want to go to Bangalore"

Rara3j said...

wohahah.... super good.... google ek murk hai

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