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Art of Living blogs.

A significant number of blogs are now visible with content related to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's teachings and the Art of Living foundation.Most of these are blogs run by Art of Living teachers, volunteers and devotees. When I started blogging then I wanted a comprehensive list of blogs related to Art of Living.Google and Google Blog search helped but not quite satisfactorily.
So here I take up the initiative of bringing to you a comprehensive list of "Art of Living blogs".
I'm sure that online presence of Jai Gurudeved souls will increase tremendously in the coming years in parallel to the expansion in the family in the real world.( What is real? Let's not go that deep now!).
I am sure you will find some really interesting people/blogs and some really interesting things to read from the list below.
The list is not exhaustive and plz leave a comment if I have missed any.

1. Sounds Interesting : Bawa and Dinesh's blog pretty much dominates the blogosphere in terms of Art of Living presence. Daily views, comments,response are very high and impressive. The best of the lot in terms of look,content,maintainence and regularity.
2.Happynings : Rajesh Jagasia's blog. Very actively maintained and an excellent combination of knowledge,facts,Guru stories,adventures,recipes. The template is also very cool.
3.Rendezvous with Rashmin : Rashmin Pulekar's blog.One of my personal favorites and the simplicity of the blog is definitive of the man behind it. Full of knowledge and original content presented in a light and humorous manner. Look out for the latest fiery posts:)
4. Heart to Heart : Saleel Pulekar's blog. Again a superb combination of knowledge and seva experiences.
5.Hues of Joy : Abhishek Ratna's blog. Seva experiences and course happening's are a big hit.The template deserves a mention.
6. Vikram Hazra's blog : One of the star blogs. Or rather I sould say, the blog of a star. Guitar, music, seva,knowledge,travel experiences and everything else sent from his Blackberry device. Well maintained and updated fairly regularly.
7. Gaata Rahe Mera Dil : Ramnik Bansal's blog. Very well designed(by himself).Clean and fresh. Course happenings are the favorites. Please the read the latest article here.VVVImp.
8. Vivek Barun's Blog : This blog. U tell me how is it?
9. 2+1=0 : Kapil Saini's blog. Mixed articles. Seva experiences are a hit.
10. Keeping it Real : Bhawana Kapoor's blog.A vibrant new look. Thoughts on life and happenings. The poems are a big hit.
11. Beyond the horizon : Vinod Patil's blog.
12. Confusion : Jeet Bookseller's blog. Interesting articles regarding interesting things.
13. Life in full speed : Abhay Karnataki and Shabari's blog. Articles regarding seva experiences, Yes+ happening in Bangalore, knowledge and life in general.
14.Sounds Divine : Interesting design. Ask him who did it! Articles on courses, knowledge, guitar etc.
15.Season's of Consciousness : Very informative articles. Knowledge too.
16.Niranjani : One of the oldest and regularly updated blog. Some really informative articles can be found. A must read.
17.Aparna's Lounge : Very soothing design.Volunteer activities and regularly updated. Yes+ news from Chennai.
18. Scribble, Scrabble, Stroo.. : Akhilesh's blog. Informative articles.
19.Waves of bliss : Anand Jage's blog.
20. Guru Kripa : An excellent blog about articles realted to Guruji. Highly recommended.
21. Celebrating Silence : Guru gyan served. Updated very regularly.
22. Vinay's Weblog : Vinay Subramaniam's blog.
23. Celebrate life : Bhanuja's blog. A happy soul.Some really thought provoking posts.
24. Golden Sunshine, Golden me : Jatin's blog.
25. Andheri Yes+ : Yes+ activities in Andheri.
26. Masti Ki AAg : Yes+ activities in Bangalore.
27. Yes+ Chennai : Yes+ activities in Chennai.
28. Yes+ Pune : Yes+ activities in Pune.
29. Yes+ Ranchi : Yes+ activities in Ranchi.
30. Kashi Kshetra : Dinesh Kashikar's blog. Brilliant design and excellent content.
31. Anandji : Anand Rajendran's website. Simply Awesome.
32. Inquiry into the reality : Dinesh Nath's blog.
33. Art of Living SEattle : Very cool design.
34. 42 : Very thought provoking articles.
35. Seated under the bodhi tree :
36. Satyamevajayate
37. Guruvaani  : Some really cool articles.
38. Breakfree : Komal's blog.
39. Welcome to the world : Sunand K Nambiar's blog.
40. I see beyond : Asish Raina's blog.
41. Living Literally
42. Mirror Image : Deepti Unni's blog.
43. Aho Aham Namo Mahyam : Vaibhav's blog.
44. Wisdomblog : The official blog of Updated daily.
45.Art of Living, Pakistan 
46. Whisper from the infinity : Nice design and superb experiences of people from around the world. If u         like                                         Guru stories(who doesn't) , this one is for u..
47.Art of Living Yoga - A collection of everything aol. Nice looks... and nice contents too.
48. Shambho
49. Re-living - Jitesh's blog
50. Dushyant Savadia - An international aol teacher's blog.
51. Virat and Vasudha's Blog - Amazing content and frequently updated.
52. Rick Evertsz - Contains the music sheets for some Aol Bhajans.
53. Urvi's World - Bright and Warm. Original content.
54. Stumbling into infinity - Blog for the Book.
55. Gopuaol - Gopalakrishnan's Blog
56. Suntrack with Arunji - Arun Madhavan Ji's blog.
57 AOLnewslinks - News related to Art of Living.
58.YESPLUS Kolkata - Art of Living Kolkata.
59. AOLinfo - Very detailed information and regularly updated.
60. AOL Life Stories - Experiences of people with Art of Living.
61. Lemonlyf - Swati Gupta's blog.
62. Art of Living Bangalore - Course details in Bangalore.
63. Celebrating-silence-of-life
64. AOL USA : Art of Living Foundation USA Blog.
65.Perception of Life - Gaurav and Sourav's Blog.
66.Art of Living Hong Kong.
67. Art of Living West - Los Angeles Center
68. Sri Sri Blogspot
69. Neelanjandev Bharadwaj's Blog
70. Swami madhusudhan
71. Artoflivingsblog : A Blog inspired by Sri Sri and Art of Living
72. ArtofLivingSecrets: One of the most happening Blog right now.
73. ArtofLivingUniverse :  Well organised and nicely maintained Art of Living Resources.

So how many of the above do you read and which one's your favorite? 
Have I missed any blog????         Plz leave a comment on that!! 

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komal said...

hey beautiful blog out there and keep it going .. btw ..sounds interesting is the best aol blog ive come accross and yours comes a close second....keep going.. below are a few other popular blogs by aol'ers: bhawana's blog rajeshji's blog...

Vivek Barun said...

Thanks komal, its an honour.

bhaw said...

My Favorite is 42 by Narada..Simply MAST.
And yeah my other blog is titled Living Literally -

One called Mirror Image is also good

there is vaibhav bhaiya's

Vivek Barun said...

Thanks bhawana, I have made the additions.
If you know of any other blogs which I have not listed please let me know. This is for everyone.

Dinesh said...

hey vivek thanks for responding great now we can start working on that. so have you seen ramnik blog. I want something like that with tabs for different things and other thing a nice header I have designed to put it there. you can also see that give me your email id and i will send you other stuffs mine email is


YES!+ Chennai said...

Great Collection


Please do put in wisdom blog also..

Vivek Barun said...

Thanks for that one .
I have added it!

Anonymous said...

its very nice vivek kip it short..........i m loving ittttttttt...aru chai k haina momo ko pics dami lagyoooooooooo la!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hai this iz neeta here!!nice blog.......go ahead.

alex said...


Berbagi Musik said...


Anand Jage said...

Amazing Job..
thanx for the mentioning mt blog...
Keep Rocking

Krishna Reddy said...

Could you please add

Thanks :)

Vivek Barun said...

Hi krishna reddy,
YOur blog is added.
Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said... is not opening/accessible

Yogi. said...

Excellent efforts dear.. keep it up!
Also inform all about 'AOL Links'

Jai Gurudev :)

Anonymous said...

can you please tell when is chitra di's birthday ?
and also if you could tell how to wish her
and also if you could tell about the site where we can reach guruji .. i mean get a reply from him thanks vivek for making guru ji accessible sarika

Vivek Barun said...


By chitra i think u meant Chitra Roy . I don't know her b'day but you can check out in the Art of Living community in Orkut.
You can mail guruji @
You may get a reply:)

Vishesh Jain said...

Hi vivek !!!

Thanks for making this list ... really needed
this ... thanks a lot !!! :)

Sandeep said...

Jgd.. It would be great if you could add these two blogs

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting review...may be you can add few more such as

Vivek Barun said... is already there.
I'm adding
Thanks for the comment
jai gurudev

RAKSHA. said...

My god vivek!! i din knw u had ur own blog!!! its very very informative...keep it going!!:):)

Jitesh Vaswani said...

Hey! nice work done! Jai Gurudeva!

Anonymous said...

Good job done, tons of blessings.....

Varsha said...
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Amrita said...

Jai Gurudeva :)
pls include my Blog too --

Aakriti Dharmani said...

Dear Vivek bhayya,
I am reading in many places on bad effects of sudarshan kriya. I am doing pratice for six months and nothing bad happened to me except some skin rash and heat boils.
this is one post which is scaring me:
My mother and sister is also concerned about it. One person also told in the blog that sudarshan kriya will cause difficulty for child birth. i want to have child next year. will it affect me. In men does it cause impotence. my husband does not practice it but he is okay and we are planning child.
can you please explain and clarify this in your blog, because lot of people are worried now. you are very experienced in sudarshan kriya naa..

diego rivera said...

The majority of the officers of the organization, along with most of its teachers and staff, are volunteers. Many humanitarian programs, disaster relief efforts, and training programs are conducted through, or in conjunction with partner organization, the International Association for Human Values.

Soukumarya AOL said...

Art of Living Secrets said...

Anonymous said...

Art of Living Secrets said...

Art of Living Secrets is missing in this list

With Art of Living Blog said...

Add With Art of Living blog in this list

Art of Living Universe Blog said...

Art of Living Universe is an initiative, entirely managed by the Art of Living volunteers. The aim is to spread Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's knowledge

Shri said...

Thanks for this excellent list. Bawa n Dinesh blog, Art of Living secrets, Art of living Blog, Art of living Universe all these blogs are really nice. Updates are regular. Thanks a lot to the volunteers

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