Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The joy of designing! CorelDraw Mania.

IT was in my mind for quite sometime now.The desire to design killing logos and breathtaking designs both for printing and for the web.I started with photoshop about an year ago and found it very good in the features and tools available for editing images. But I started learning coreldraw now and it's just been a week and what wonderous raptures I have gone through at times.. I like it certainly better than any other tool I have worked with though it would be cruel to compare it with photoshop or any other designing tool..
The joy of creating a design from scratch and the breathtaking effects which you can add just by a few clicks of your mouse has led me to that state where I wake up every morning and feel nice that I am going to learn and create something new.!

Have you tried CorelDraw ever?
If you know some good websites where I could get additional tutorials for CorelDraw X3 to improve my skills please let me know in the comment section..