Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Naiharwa - A poem by Kabir

Though I was born and brought up in the lap of Himalayas where drinking and non vegetarian is justified not only by the local customs but also by the climate and the terrain.
Fortunately, my great-great-grandfathers had decided to follow Sant Kabir and that became my religion sparing me to have to eat meat by default, and I would be ever thankful to the grace of the guru for that.

Naiharwa.... written by Sadguru Sant Kabir is such a beautiful poem.And Kailash Kher has put it alive magnanimously.
The song goes like:

नैहरवा हम का न भावे...(3)
साई कि नगरी ...परम अति सुन्दर,
जहाँ कोई जाए ना आवे
चाँद सुरज जहाँ, पवन न पानी,
कौ संदेस पहुँचावै
दरद यह... साई को सुनावै
आगे चालौ पंथ नहीं सूझे,
पीछे दोष लगावै
केहि बिधि ससुरे जाऊँ मोरी सजनी,
बिरहा जोर जरावे
विषै रस नाच नचावे
बिन सतगुरु आपनों नहिं कोई,
जो यह राह बतावे
कहत कबीर सुनो भाई साधो,
सपने में प्रीतम आवे
तपन यह जिया की बुझावे


I Don’t Find any Interest in My Parent’s House
My Beloved’s Town is Most Beautiful
However, Nobody Goes or Comes from There
There is no Moon, Sun, Wind or Water There
Then Who Will Take My Message There?
Then Who Will Tell My Pain to My Beloved?

There is No Visible Path to Move Forward
And You Blame the Past for It
How Should the Bride go to the House of the Beloved?
Powerful Pangs of Separation are Burning from Inside
Dual Reality is Fashioning a Dance to Its Tune

There is None Other Than the Guru Who is Mine Who Can Tell the Way
Says Kabir Listen oh Aspirant
Your Beloved Will Come in a Dream-like State
That Alone Will Quench the Thirst of your Heart

In this song Kabir portrays himself like a bride who has gone to her parents house. But having gone there her soul burns from the pangs of separation from her beloved. The bride’s trouble is further complicated because there are no messengers (such as the Sun, Moon, Wind or Water) who can reach and convey her message to the beloved. She has no path or way to solve this problem. Meanwhile the separation is killing her from inside.

Kabir, in his mystical way, is comparing the separation of the individual from the universal self like that of a bride from her beloved. He explains that this insatiable thirst comes from the feeling of separation whose root lies in duality.

He then explains that the only person who can help out of this problem is the Guru. In his final parting signature note, Kabir reveals that the way to reach the beloved is not outside but Inside (similar to a dream-like state) which alone will satisfy the seemingly unending burning thirst.

Here Rishi Nityapragya sings it.Just close your eyes and get lost in the melody....

If you have not listened this song, just go ahead and listen it here.


Vinod Patil said...

dbHi Vivek,
Yes actaully when i posted about YES+ upgrade on my blog , i was totally forgotten abbout it. But very second day i remebered that thing and yes I am going to remove that part :)
I liked your Kabir post , I am listening to talks on Kabir given by OSHO and those are amazing.

Jai Gurudev

bhawana kapoor said...

"Your Beloved Will Come in a Dream-like State"

Goosebumps, tears and a smile :)
Jai Gurudev

Random Reflections said...

beautiful ! i heard Vikram Bhaiyya sing this at Guruji's Bday's satsang in Pune. It rocked. And now the meaning from your post....

Jai Guru Dev,

aparajita said...

Ah :) this is the song I was looking for . Somehow its not there in kailasa

Abhay Karnataki said...

Would you please post the devanagari script as an image... i don't have required font to view it in linux.

somya said...

very beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Varun can u post Guitar chords ? Jay gurudev.

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