Friday, May 21, 2010

Midnight fun!! Receiving guruji at Airport!!

Well "overflowing grace" ... that's the only phrase i can use to describe my life right now!!
Guruji is back in Bangalore after soooooo many months outside India. So to make it extra special, we all decided to go to the Bangalore International Airport and have the first darshan of him... And so after a couple of great mini satsangs at my home(which we have been having every wednesday for about a year now) and then at Indian Institute of Science, Rashmin Bhaiya, Saleel Bhaiya, Hema di , Madhu di and a bunch of the most enthusiastic volunteers we went to receive guruji...

There were already a few white kurtas fluttering outside the arrivals zone, our entry only made it much more noisy... as if to say 'let's get this party started!!" And so it did.....
After a wait of about and hour we were treated with his divine smile and i can't help sharing this but the closest you can get to him(physically)  is in the airport!!
He was his usual graceful self and just glided into his car after  a brief darshan to everyone.
And then Bawa and Dinesh Bhaiya came after half and hour till when Ramnik Bhaiya had treated us with some of his stomach crunching jokes, we all joined him generously.
It was nothing sort of a party to see guruji, all such senior teachers and volunteers together at the airport floor.....   Guruji, Bawa, Dinesh, Girin, Saleel, Rashmin, Ramnik, Bawa's dad, Devang and a host of others. . .
It was an awesome midnight fun( The flight landed at around 1 pm!!!!)