Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guru Paduka Stotram - Adi Shankaracharya

What a mind one must have to come up with a work like this. I bow to thy holy sandals. Shri Adi Shankara.

अनंत संसार समुद्र तार नौकायिताभ्यां गुरुभक्तिदाभ्यां।
वैराग्य साम्राज्यद पूजनाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥१॥

The crossing of this Endless ocean of samsara is enabled

by the boat that is sincere devotion to Guru
Showing me the way to the valuable dominion of renunciation,
O dear Guru, I bow to thy holy sandals.

कवित्व वाराशि निशाकराभ्यां दौर्भाग्यदावांबुदमालिक्याभ्यां।
दूरीकृतानम्र विपत्तिताभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥२॥

Like a full moon for the ocean of the Knowledge,
Like down pour of water to put out the fire of misfortunes,
Removing the various distresses of those who surrender to them,
O dear Gurudev, I bow to thy holy sandals.

नता ययोः श्रीपतितां समीयुः कदाचिदप्याशु दरिद्रवर्याः।
मूकाश्च वाचसपतितां हि ताभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥३॥

Those who prostrate to the blessed padukas of their Guru
become possessors of great wealth
and overcome the curse of their poverty very quickly.
To such padukas my infinite prostrations.

नाली कनी काशपदाहृताभ्यां नानाविमोहादिनिवारिकाभ्यां।
नमज्जनाभीष्टततिब्रदाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥४॥

Attracting us to the Lotus-like feet of our Guru,
removing all kinds of desires borne out of ignorance,
fulfilling all the desires of the disciple who bows humbly
To such padukas I humbly offer my obeisance.

नृपालिमौलि ब्रज रत्न कांति सरिद्विराज्झषकन्यकाभ्यां।
नृपत्वदाभ्यां नतलोकपंक्ते: नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥५॥

Shining like a precious stone adorning the crown of a king
They stand out like a beautiful damsel in a river infested with crocodiles
They raise the devotees to the state of sovereign emperors,
To such padukas I humbly offer my obeisance.

पापांधकारार्क परंपराभ्यां पापत्रयाहीन्द्र खगेश्वराभ्यां।
जाड्याब्धि संशोषण वाड्वाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥६॥

Shining radiantly like the Sun, effacing the endless darkness of the disciples sins,
Like an eagle for the snake like three-fold pains of Samsara
like a conflagration of fire whose heat dries away the
ocean of ignorance
To such supreme padukas of my Gurudev, I humbly surrender.

शमादिषट्क प्रदवैभवाभ्यां समाधि दान व्रत दीक्षिताभ्यां।
रमाधवांघ्रि स्थिरभक्तिदाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥७॥

They endow us with the glorious six qualities like Shama,
They vow to bless the intiated ones with the ability to go into samadhi.
Blessing the devotees with permanent devotion for the feet of Lord Vishnu(Ramaadhava)
To such divine padukas I offer my prayers.

स्वार्चा पराणामखिलेष्टदाभ्यां स्वाहासहायाक्ष धुरंधराभ्यां।
स्वान्ताच्छ भावप्रदपूजनाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥८॥

Fulfilling all the wishes of the disciples, 
Who are ever-available and dedicated for Sewa,
Awakening the sincere aspirants to the divine state of self realization,
Again and again prostrate to those Padukas of my Poojya Gurudev

कामादिसर्प व्रजगारुडाभ्यां विवेक वैराग्य निधि प्रदाभ्यां।
बोध प्रदाभ्यां दृत मोक्ष दाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥९॥

They are like an eagle for all the serpants of desires,
Blessing us with the valuable treasure of discrimination and renunciation,
Granting us the knowledge to get instant liberation from the shackles of the life,
My prostrations to those holy Padukas of my Guru.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Art of Living People on Twitter - Who to Follow

Well, if you are not on twitter yet. You should immediately start. You ask why?

1. Twitter is short and crisp, you get just the information you need, from just the people you like.
2. You can get immediate updates from your favorite Art of Living personalities and friends. You also get a chance to follow Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. (and get his thoughts and instructions in 1 second). What can be a better reason than that?
3. You feel like you are a close friend of Sachin Tendulkar. You can follow people who inspire you.
4. Almost all Art of Living Teachers post very frequently on Twitter. It can be a source of inspiration and a way to be in touch with the Guru. Also to be updated on the events happening.
5. There are also useless topics trending, rants of irrelevant people, hatred etc. So to spread more love and joy on the internet, it is not just a choice but a responsibility to use social network and internet to spread the knowledge. Just like talking to people face to face makes a difference, talking something worthwile on twitter also makes a difference.

In January 2009, I had written this post on the Future of Twitter. . Fortunately, I am proven correct.

So, assuming now you have registered with , you can follow these Awesome people:

The list is just in a random order (except number 1 :) )

       WHO                                             TWITTER HANDLE

  1. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar                                
  2. Bhanu Didi                                              
  3. Khurshed Batliwala (Bawa)                     
  4. Dinesh Godke                                         
  5. Dr. Manikantan Menon                           
  6. Swami Sadyojathah                                
  7. Swami Purnachaitanya                             
  8. Darshak Hathi                                         
  9. Maheish Girri                                          
  10. Rajesh Jagasia                                        
  11. Yezdi Batliwala                                       
  12. Rajesh Krishnamurthy                             
  13. Brijit Dighe                                             
  14. Hetal Mehta                                           
  15. Swami Paramtej                                     
  16. Avinash Tiku                                          
  17. Kamlesh Barwal                                     
  18. Sahil Jagtiani                                          
  19. Anand Rajendran                                   
  20. Swami Vaishampayan                            
  21. Swami Vishnupad                                  
  22. Akash Bhaiya                                        
  23. Jaina Desai                                            
  24. Arvind Varchaswi                                 
  25. Swami Sukhchaitanya                           
  26. Jigishji                                                  
  27. Girin Govind                                         
  28. Vishwas Mulki                                     
  29. Jayesh Daulatjada                                
  30. Dinesh kashikar                                   
  31. Rashmin Pulekar                                  
  32. Saleel Pulekar                                     
  33. Dushyant Savadia                                
  34. Srividya                                               
  35. Ramnik bansal                                     
  36. Sri Sri Panchakarma                            
  37. Swami Madhusudan                            
  38. Prashan S Nair                                   
  39. Ashok Prasad                                     
  40. Shreya Chugh                                     
  41. Harish Ramachandran                         
  42. Tanuja Limaye                                    
  43. Devang Vora                                      
  44. VVKI India                                        
  45. Atika di                                              
  46. Vasanti Iyer                                        
  47. Rishi NityaPragya                               
  48. Rishi Milind                                        
  49. Rishimukh - Art of Living magazine     
  50. Francois Gautier                                 
You could also follow me at

This list is not exhaustive and I know that I have missed many. But I wanted to get things started. If you know someone awesome who should be included in the list, please mention their name and twitter handle in the comments below. Make sure that their twitter handle is authentic.
Next week will publish another list ( 51 to 100 ). 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bhanu Didi shares her memories with Sri Sri

Bhanu Di sharing her experience.