Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sudarshan Kriya causes heart problems.

I have not been so active in this blog lately. But one comment in this blog forced me to write this. Recently someone wrote in the comments:
Dear Vivek bhayya, I am reading in many places on bad effects of sudarshan kriya. I am doing pratice for six months and nothing bad happened to me except some skin rash and heat boils. this is one post which is scaring me: https:/ My mother and sister is also concerned about it. One person also told in the blog that sudarshan kriya will cause difficulty for child birth. i want to have child next year. will it affect me. In men does it cause impotence. my husband does not practice it but he is okay and we are planning child. can you please explain and clarify this in your blog, because lot of people are worried now. you are very experienced in sudarshan kriya naa....

I have edited the link above as I dont want to increase the traffic of that website which has already accumulated the maximum negative karma that any website can accumulate!

First things first. I am not doing to defend Sudarshan Kriya. There is nothing to defend. There is no need to defend the most precious gift that Humans have received since the time of the previous Purnavatar.

300 million people have done Sudarshan Kriya. More than 10 reputed medical institutes have conducted research on it. Some Indian Institutes include AIIMS, NIMHANS etc.   The results are free for all to see:

If you fail in your exam, do you blame that your dog's bowel movement was not satisfactory ?
If you eat junk and get boils then you blame Sudarshan Kriya?
If you have a history of heart diseases and suddenly one day it worsens then what do you blame?
You read one article written by a crackpot and brush aside tons of research done on the subject by World's most reputed institutions?

There is a limit to ridiculous thought process. And this crosses all such boundaries.

As my personal experience goes, the only heart problems I got after the course is that of severe angina pectoris when Guruji leaves my city and a Myocardial Infarction when he looks at me.
And I cannot live without it.