Thursday, August 16, 2012

Healing touch in Assam - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visits the State torn with Violence

When leaders play petty politics risking the lives of people, when vote-bank politics causes even nationalism to take a back seat then we see what we saw in Assam. Being from the North East, my heart pains even more. 

Any person who glances at a newspaper occasionally is not ignorant of the fact that illegal immigrants from Bangladesh has been slowly  crossing the border and setting up camp in West Bengal and Assam. And it has been happening not since a few years but since decades. And no political leader did anything to curb it. Still they have not done anything substantial. Govt. at the centre and at the State should take very strict steps to curb this cross border infiltration. Otherwise these immigrant population will make the tribals and ethnic people minorities in their own land. But this is the political side.

What about the minds of the people?  How to eliminate hatred and ill-feeling of one community to another? How to reach an understanding that we can all live peacefully helping each other? How to make people of different communities come to a point of dialogue with an open mind?  This is the need of the hour and if this is achieved all other problems will sort themselves.

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been monitoring the situation in the North East very closely since many years. To put and end to militancy and violence, the volunteers of The Art of Living has been working tirelessly in villages and towns of all the North Eastern States to teach people the worth of human values and give them tools to handle their stress and negativity. 
HE has been working tirelessly to bring together people of different religions, ethnicity and caste to an understanding that first of all we are all Human Beings.

This knowledge is the only thing that can save the North East from spiralling to a self destructing cascade of violence. For the people to imbibe this teaching, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY!