Monday, November 30, 2009

Come to me! - A poem by H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I wanted to share this poem with you for a long time. Not one but many times this poem has brought tears to my eyes, thinking that there is someone waiting for me. Someone who has nothing to take but still loves me. Someone who has no expectations but only infinite acceptance. And how the beloved calls you.........???? He just says "Come to me!"...

Beyond the heaven is my abode
come to me. come to me.
Don't stop, come to me.
If you get stuck in the heaven,
you will return back from there to hell.
Don't stop in the heaven, come to me, come to me.

My abode is beyond heaven, far away from here.
Come to me, come to me
All the charming faces, boys and girls, eyes and noses,
hairs and dresses, cookies and sweets and chocolates,
pass them on.
Smiling and dancing, come to me, come to me.

My abode is beyond the heaven.
come to me.
Joyfully move in this direction, a thousand blessings on the way.
walk through them, don't get stuck.
Pass through them.
come to me.

Angels are ready to serve you, and crown you with the highest.
Don't stop before that.
Come to me, come to me...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2012: A movie review.

I watched this awesome special effects movie just y'day. Even if you are a firm non-believer of the theme of the movie.. which is basically " The world's going to end in 21-12-2012" , i recommend you to watch it simply for the thrill of it.

As I entered the theatre, I came across this poster which shows a monk in Tibet watching the ocean drown the HImalayas and a thought passed that " wow,,, i think its gonna be awesome!" and so it was!
I'm not gonna reveal the whole story(but if you're a spoiler then you can read it in the net elsewhere), but just this that this special effects extravaganza by Roland Emmerich, director of "Independence Day" and "The Day after Tomorrow," took 6.48 million pounds in London alone which is the highest in sometime now.
Its nice to see(apart from the mind-boggling special effects) how the storyline connects different races,countries,religions and geography of the world. Also mentionable is how the movie moves between world events and the ordeal of one family who goes through this catastrophe.

Finally., yes! the world does come to an end as we know it but not the human race.... how some of us survive to ensure the continuity of our species and our planet.? I'm not gonna tell that! Watch it yourself!

And finalllllly, the research concept that saved humanity in the movie came from and Indian(though his Hindi is not that great!) The movie also starts in India and also probably ends here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The power of SAtVa.

Satva is one of the three primary gunas(or tendencies) described by  ancient Indian philosophy. The other two are Rajas and Tamas.


Satva is the quality or state of our being where we feel happy, light, contented, peaceful and at the same time not lethargic and dull.
When I heard Guruji said that 3 things are necessary for any work to happen successfully. You should have :
2. Hardwork
3. Satva

I instantly connected to this because many times it happened that though I gave my best by working very hard for a goal but the target was not achieved or even if the work was done, I did not feel thoroughly satisfied with it. And dont we hate those days when everything that we plan, right from taking a shower to attending a function goes haywire.... That day just "NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK!"
And dont we love those days where everything happens just so easily and spontaneously... when we are feeling light and all work gets done. Satva is high in this case.
So the ultimate thing for a work to be done is to increase our SAtva and work for the end result.
As Rishi Vidyadharji says "How to increase satVA?   SADHANA-SEVA-SATSANG. "

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Floating in music!!


For the past few months my connection with music has grown stronger than ever. First, there is the flute. If u remember It was my new year resolution to start learning flute which you can check out HERE. And so I did. Its been 3 months since I am learning Carnatic flute, which is also called the Venu.
Now most people know that Indian classical music has two distinct disciplines.. That of Hindustani and Carnatic.
As of now I cannot comment or compare between the two but I can say that I have become familiar with the basic elements of Carnatic music through my flute practice. Thus I am not lost when someone says Raag Kalyani or Roopak Talam. However this is just the beginning.
Also I have been busy doing Satsangs all over Bangalore(especially in the Yes+ centres),,, that is after Rashmin Bhaiya told me -- "Your job is to do satsangs! At least for this lifetime".  We have also had a few "Awakening To New Reality" Programs.. with grand sound system and all the other stuff that make people ask for more.
I have been really thinking to record some of the songs in the ANR and put it up in the blog here. I hope that might be coming soon...
If you are learning some instrument or are interested to learn, kindly leave a comment... I am looking forward to keeping in touch with u guys...
P.S: From now on you can expect the posts in this blog to be fairly frequent.:)