Friday, January 2, 2009

What am I going to do in 2009?

Most of the personality development books today highlight the technique of "declaring your resolutions" to achieve efficiency and a sense of responsibility towards the goal which you have set.
This technique has been practiced in India since time immemorial wherein if a person realized a mistake then he would declare to everyone he meets that he would be doing so-and-so penance.
I feel this is a very powerful technique because when u tell the world your resolutions then there is a positive( maybe subconcious) pressure for you to work towards that goal and also the benifits of putting a goal in black and white cannot be emphasised enough.
So what are my plans for 2009? I have a fairly rough idea which I will try to explain as clearly as I can.
I have split the resolutions into two categories:

1.More Sadhana(meditation), More seva(service) and ofcourse Satsang.
2.Start learning the flute.This is one of my foremost priorities and a deep wish as well . I am planning to learn the indian bamboo flute which is called Bansuri. So don't be surprised if after a year I am able to play the flute as well as I play the guitar now.
3.Work more on my fitness.

For this blog
Here are some goals which I want to achieve for this blog by the end of 2009.
1.Technorati:  A technorati authority of 100 or more.
2.Google Page Rank: I should be happy with a pagerank of 3 by the year end.
3.20% visitors from search engines. Well as of now it is only to the tune of 5% so a lot of SEO has to be done(sigh!, SEO is such a boring job).
4.Have 100 feed subscribers.
5.Increase the daily unique visits to 100.(As of now it is only around 30).
6.Make more use of Blog directories(Digg,Stumbleupon,Blogcatalog etc).

Well, a lot of work!So I better get started. Wish me luck!


Sunand K Nambiar said...

all the best! :) :)

vivek barun said...

Thanks Sunand

Laane said...


I can't believe I haven't found your blog earlier.
The flute caught my eye.

I'm sure you can learn how to play.

I started playing bagpipes two years ago.
Never thought I could master the noise thing, but I did.

Happy new year!

hfnl/jtld said...

Thanks for the visit and for the comment at my site.

oh, wait! is that u playing the guitar? that's cute! i'm frustrated with that thing.

Anyway, happy new year! Good luck also!


Vivek Barun said...

thanks mabelle and laane

Keshi said...

I wish I could do more Meditation but Im so hyper lol!

Happy New Year to ya!


abc said...

"More Sadhana(meditation), More seva(service) and ofcourse Satsang."

Hey Vivek, everything in moderation...less sura & sundari...more belief in your own hands... :D

Happy New Year to you as well. May your modest wishes come true!

Vijay said...

Nice ki posts as well as template achi hai...nice work

Portable Tap Dance Floor said...

Great! I am very happy for you because you already decided what to do for 2009. I hope to see those post here.

Tap Dance Lesson said...

I am interested to check out your blog and see this goal. Thanks!

Tap Dance Lessons said...

I hope you will achieve your goal for 2009.

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I think what you need to write now is what are you going to do in 2010. right?

dean razorback seven string guitars said...

Well, it should be for 2010. Please update your post. Thanks!

trophies melbourne said...

I started playing bagpipes two years ago.
Never thought I could master the noise thing, but I did.

Tap Dance Teacher said...

Your goal should be for 2010 now. Looking for something new coming from you. Thanks!

Noritake said...

Hey Vivek, everything in moderation...less sura & sundari...more belief in your own hands..

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Noritake said...

That is the beat way to have the thing after all.

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Noritake said...

Great stuff after all.

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