Saturday, January 3, 2009

The storming of Pashupatinath! The end to an unbroken tradition since 6th century A.D.

After reading about how the Maoist Government of Nepal most hurriedly replaced the centuries old tradition of offering the 'Nithya Puja' at Pashupati Nath temple I could only imagine how far the maoists will go in grossly vilifying the faith of the people of the only Hindu Nation in the world.
If you are not aware of what I am talking about then you can read this article.

Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu,Nepal
The Pashupatinath temple along with Badrinath and Kedarnath is one of the holy pilgrimage temple highly revered by the Hindus all over the world.
The prayers at the Pashupatinath Temple has been conducted by Brahmins from South India in an unbroken lineage since 300 years.Not even one day of prayer has been missed in these 300 years that is until now!
When the temple was created, India and Nepal were one country and there was no division.This ruthless act of the Maoists government to end the tradition initiated by Adi Sankarachary in the 6th century B.C only projects how indifferent the government is to the sentiments of not only the people of Nepal(about 80% of people in Nepal are Hindus) but also  to 850 million Hindus around the world.
If acts like these from the Red Army are allowed to be committed without meaningful opposition from the people, a day will not be far when the communists will systematically destroy the temples,mosques,monasteries and churches of whichever country they succeed in forming a government.(I am forced to remember Tibet here).
Being an Indian I want to send a message to the people of Nepal that not only you but all the people of India(Hindu or otherwise) deeply condemn this insensitive act of the Maoists...


Akhilesh said...

Goodness!! Whats happening in Nepal!

Writing for Crows said...

Sad stuff

Rahul said...

This quite interesting to know that people outside Nepal are also updated with information which are going on in Nepal.

Yes this is a very sad event. But it is only the Maoist Government to be blamed. This is all their own deeds and they'll have to pay for all this.

We hope they rectify their error and soon.

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