Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Enter new year with PageRank 1!

Google has just updated the pagerank values of websites which used to be shown in the google toolbar.
If you don't know what is pagerank then put it simply, it is the indicator of how authoritative your page/blog/site is. It is calculated on a scale of ten.Higher the pagerank, greater the importance of that page, hence more prominence in searches and hence more traffic to that page.
I m glad to announce that the pagerank of this blog which till y'day was 0 is now updated to 1. Wow how ecstatic I am!
Check Google Page Rank
Hence I have put up the page rank button as you can see in the left sidebar.

Site which has made it to the elite 10/10 PageRank this year is and is now on 9/10.
If you own a blog quickly check your page rank.Maybe it has increased !
So what is your pagerank? Check it here .
Boy, what a way to usher in the new year! I am sure Google has made a lot of people happy today!

I wish a successful and a prosperous year ahead to all the readers of my Weblog. Thank you for all your support and participation in the year 2008. You can expect a lot of improvement in all areas in 2009.(Who knows maybe a change of domain itself?)
For now,lets celebrate and welcome the year of the OX!


elaine said...

Congratulations on your Page Rank. Happy New Year!

Vivek Barun said...

Thanks elainE!

hfnl/jtld said...

thanks for the visit at my Blogosauros. thanks for the comment as well. but u have nice template than mine.

and congrats for your pr1. my pr1 is being taken. but it's fine.

Happy Prosperous New Year!


Sandy22 said...

Congrags on your page rank. I am a relatively new blogger and have felt intimidated by the page rank counter. I am afraid of possibly seeing "O" rank and that it will stifel my efforts. But, after reading your article, I am going to add one to my site.

Thanks. Stop by visit....appreciate your input.

Vivek Barun said...

i checked even your blog has pagerank 1.

Anonymous said...

Thats a great news!:) and what you planning to do this year?


Happy new year

Jai Gurudev!

Vivek Barun said...

What am I going to do this year?
well that will require a new post by itself so you have to wait till it comes!

jai gurudev and a happy new year to you too!!

ALLOVE said...


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Bruce D. Collins said...

Very informative website. I will be checking back here.


PS. Congrats on the pagerank increase. By all looks, you deserve it. Congratulations.

Sunand K Nambiar said...

Google rocks
Have a rocking new year Vivek

lunaticg said...

Congratulations on your Page Rank. Look like this year 2009 will be a prosperous year ahead.
See you around.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Somehow mine is 3- I have no idea how because you have more readers than me, but whatever.

JeD Chan said...

Hi Vivek Barun, Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I've also added you in my Links. By the way congratulations on your page rank! Hmm..perhaps I should also check my page rank as well. Thanks very much for the info. may you also have a blessed and prosperous new year ahead!

Blogger Trick said...

happy new year..., sorry caused i'm late :D

wanna exchange link with me ?? :D

nice PR :D,

Blogger Trick said...

i can't see.. my link :D

Mimin said...

congratulatitions vivek!

i hope you can get more better PR on next update ;)

pat test equipment said...

That had been a unique experience after all to improve relative data base.

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