Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The end of the world!

My mom called a few hours back. With considerable apprehension in her voice she said " Where are you?"
I said: " I am out to get some air"
She said:" You must have surely heard about that"
I said: "What THAT??"
She said:" The world is going to end tomorrow. You don't know that"
Actually she used the word "Pralay".
I said:" NO"
She said:" How come you don't know about it? T.V is full of the same news?Nobody there knows or what?"

Well, with considerable exitement , now, I came back to google it " the end of the world september 10"
There was considerable amount of material.

It was as I had guessed , My mom had mentioned France so it immediately brought to my mind the giant particle collider fro Dan Brown's " Angels and Demons".And it was exactly that.The 27 mile particle collider, CERN etc. etc..

The actual thing is there is some sort of experiment to be conducted on 10 september.

Dubbed by some as the Doomsday test, it will be carried out next week in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), located 300ft underground near the French-Swiss border.

When its switch is pulled on September 10, this atom-smasher will become a virtual time machine, revealing what happened when the universe came into existence 14 billion years ago.
Critics call it the experiment that could cause the end of the world. It is mankind's most ambitious experiment, which seeks to create the moments after the Big Bang, and the birth of the Universe.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) buried deep underground along the border of Geneva and France is expected to reveal the secrets of Universe. The collider fires particles into accelerator until they almost acquire the speed of light. They gain enormous amount of energy as 2 beams of light travel in opposite directions, circling the structure 11,000 times per second.

Prof Otto Rossler, a German chemist, is one of a group of scientists worried about the creation of black holes. He believes it is possible that the black holes will grow uncontrollably and "eat the planet from the inside".

Other scientists reject his claim. They point to the fact that cosmic rays daily form minor black holes, but they never swallow the Earth.

Well, I don't know whats going to happen.We will all come to know. If the result is otherwise as apprehended be sure to check the update here. Otherwise, thank you for reading my last post>!


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