Monday, December 6, 2010

Of Slippers and Habits

Well, it happened again. Without exaggeration, it was the 4th time that I lost my slippers in the Ashram. Teeming with joyful bubbling souls, nobody must have noticed the 'chappal' being just carried away by one of the bubbles. And still less nobody must have cared. Belongingness extended to the appendages of the hind limbs is what I don't like, specially when it is extended to mine.

I had gone to the ashram yesterday and had a wonderful satsang in presence of Gurudev. He answered some witty questions and some direct ones.
Somebody asked "What is the reason we get married"
He answered "You should know why you want to get married" ( laughter)

Another person asked "Does rebirth exist?"
Gurudev said "It does. There are many evidences."

Still another one said "I want to hear the slogan "Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra" from your mouth"
He said "Look, I have left the slogans and shouting to you, I just give blessings!"

I stayed back in the Ashram and early morning had a cold water bath at 5 am and went to Sumeru mantap to do kriya and then came to attend Rudra Puja. Just when we reached VM, Guruji's car came and we followed just behind HIM, floating in the cloudy ashram morning amidst the Vedic Chants.
After a Blissful Puja, had a hearty breakfast at the Ashram Kitchen and then headed Home.

But the story I wanted to tell or rather an observation is this:
How much we are habituated to things. Responding to a particular situation in the same manner every single time.
Well I've lost my slippers 3 times before (thanks to people extending belongingness) and every time with the same belongingness, I have picked someone else. So when I lost it today, the first instict today was to pick up another. I just kept observing. It was an Aho moment. I thought 'Do I have a choice or not!"
Vrittis in the mind solidified by repeated actions creates bondage. Look in your life... how many bondages and crutches you have.. Are you still reapeating it?? Just observe.

Finally I sat in the Car and came back home barefeet. However insignificant, I felt a little free.


Pankaj A. Desai said...

Looks like somewhere you've prevented another 'magic slippers' story from being written, this time around. ;)
Jai Gurudev!

vinod said...

very true about patterns in mind:-D

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