Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The depth of Being.

How a poem comes, no one knows
From the depth of the fathomless self
Along which direction the wind blows?
The secret is deep down inside.

How a flower blossoms and rain happen
Are these easily answered?
The stars give way to the sun
How they know the day has come!

The bees and the birds know for sure
Where to find  food and rest.
Under the orange sky azure
They fly straight to their nest.

The mother knows all along
How to love and care.
The raindrops in the leaves so pure
Who has kept it there?

The rainbow forms a perfect bow
How the colours don't change?
We're born and die and born again
Isn't it a lil' strange?

From where a poem comes?
From the depth of the infinite being.
So with love and joy I sing
I am that beautiful thing.


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