Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Google Earth - Art of Living Ashram (2004 vs 2010)

Well, if you have not used Google Earth yet. You must. The first time I used it, I could not believe how such a premium software service is available to everyone for free. Its like you can have a look at each and every home on the earth just from the comfort of your computer that too without paying a dime. Google Earth is a free service from Google. You need to download and install it and it starts working like a charm.
 A few years back I had tried locating our Ashram ( The Art of Living International Centre ) on Google Earth and was so thrilled to find the majestic VM looking like a white cream pie. I just then realised how so much green cover was there all around and inside the Ashram. The buildings were very few...

To view Ashram on Google Earth:
Latitude: 12°49'32.43"N
Longitude:  77°30'31.37"E

Well, the reason I'm writing this post is that, Google has just announced its fantastic new feature known as "historical imagery" where you can view the google earth image of that location at any date in the past starting from the day Google Earth started keeping records. You can learn more about this new feature from HERE.

For our Ashram, they have records since 2004. So I was very excited to see the changes that our Ashram has gone through in the past 7 years. Ashramites should definitely check this out!!

Ashram on July 2004.

Ashram on November 2010

So what's changed? 
* I used to think that because of so much construction... the green cover of Ashram is depleting. I couldn't be more wrong... See how much green you see in the Second picture... Also the trees have become big and healthy! The trees around VM and amphitheater have become adults and a lot of new ones have come up!
* Impossible to miss is the Big Green Shed! The Yagnashala. Without it It wouldn't be possible to have 15000 people under one roof.. would it?
* Just below the Yagnashala across the road is the new hall., forgot the name but the Yes Plus Play Anand        and Benaifer was rehearsed here!
* The buildings behind the Amphitheater!
* The Divine Shops Madhurya and other buildings.
* Oh My god! The entire Aparna was not there in 2004!
* Panchakarma building has become majestic comparatively (on the left)
* The new Canteen (the current one) Vishala was constructed making way for the old canteen to be the Darshan Place!
* Ganga Kutir - Still all the same! So Cute!

Talking about our dear Ashram brings so many memories of hearts being blossomed, eyes being filled, desires being fulfilled, smiles being stretched, buttons being pushed, knowledge being soaked, throats being choked, hugs being shared and souls being touched. All because of the Grace of the Master! 

Also Have a look at the following two images showing the lake near the Gurukul in the Ashram..

Ashram Lake 2004

   Ashram Lake 2010

By HIS grace, Did you notice how the muddy pond in such a short time has been transformed into a lush green Lake, so pure and graceful. Has that not happened in your life?


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wow wonderful work
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