Thursday, November 4, 2010

Funny searches on Google - courtesy - Google Suggest.

Now this is not the annual list which Google announces about the most searched words or phrases in the world. This is more interesting than that. Ever since Google released what it calls as Google suggest, now suggestions appear which is most likely what you are searching for ( according to them). You must have seen this. When you start typing something in Google, it starts giving suggestions which is pretty harmless.... that is until we figure out a way to use it as entertainment.
Now how does it work... this Google Suggest thing !!
Google says  "Google Suggest uses data about the overall popularity of various searches to help rank the refinements it offers."

Okie then, Google Suggest basically suggests what most people search for.... right?

Now this serious activity of searching for something can be a great source of fun... so have I discovered.....
Here are a few examples.....

Now stinking and cheap might be adjectives uncalled for but most people are intrigued about why Indians win spelling bee ? Ya that's what you have to ask about 1 billion people !!  And yes, that red dot ! lol!

Regarding Future, most people are worried about what their baby will look like.... and some are bothered about how they will look when they are older and some have already given up and wondering what heaven will look like?? 

Now this is what all Indians must be proud of .. The whole world atleast anticipates India to be a superpower..... but look at the pun here....  will India be ready for Commonwealth ?? 

Nothing much to say about this one.....  The most interesting one is not " Why did i get married" but  thats about the canadian... Since when people (in other countries) started owning Canadians ?

The Big Question ..... Why MBA ????

Two points here   
1. The Ayodhya verdict may not have solved anything but it made Nirmohi Akhara a top search in Google.           
 2. Has Google advanced so much that it can tell you the meaning of your name without you actually typing your name. Perhaps that is what is 3G.(another Q above).


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magiceye said...

lol! that was fun! thanks for sharing!

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hahahah! :)

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wow! really funny

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