Friday, November 5, 2010

Funny things out here.

First of all, Happy Diwali to all. Its festival time in India.The time to burst crackers and eat a lot of sweets and laugh a lot. Just wanted to do a quick recall of the Funny Posts I've written over the past few months:

Now, All of you must have come across Yahoo Answers some time of the other.. mostly after searching for something on Google. Yahoo Answers is a good place (not great) to get some information about something specific but some of the question and answers really make you wonder about the questioner "Why have you been away from humanity for so long!!"

A few snapshots:

Justin Bieber.. that is!

No One can Answer that!

Air Guitar Training Online

Future of Technology

Talk about the Walrus and the Carpenter....

Parenting IS Hard.

Go Play Twitter !!

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Anonymous said...

Rofl :P :P :P
lol ;) still not grown up on asking the questions! :P
what question asked hahahaaa :P
the best was scanning a mirror! lol :P
thats way too hilarious! :P

Josh@stop crying said...

Their questions are hilarious! It's as if they do not know something and the question just pops up in their mind and they write it.

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