Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blog building: A perspective.

"To create a blog is as easy as it is difficult to maintain it.

 If you own a blog or atleast created one(God knows what was the name before .blogspot?,long time back see!), you would know that to maintain a blog needs all the qualities required to be a good parent.You have to be
Consistent: Feeding your kid(blog) daily with nutritious food(quality posts).
Caring: Spend time on  how your child looks and what he wears(Template,Additional widgets,functionalities etc).
Provide good Education: SEO optimization?
Feel responsible for your readers.

Ever since the creation of this blog, I have been constantly learning more and more about the web,blogging etc.And I think the time has come to do some soul searching about this blog in particular and blogging in general.

This blog was created in September 2008. So after nearly 4 months and 50 posts I would like to share with my readers my learnings and achievements.

To put it frankly, with an average of 12 posts per month, I can say that I have been fairly consistent with my postings, however not without patches of absolute neglect! It takes a lot of perseverance specially in the initial stages of creating a sustainable blog because you put all your heart and soul into writing a fantastic article and all you see for the day is 10 visits and 20 pageviews and no comments! However with time and patience things change.Starting from 0, the readership(subscribed) of this blog has come close to 22+ which by no means is an underachievement, however I am not so pleased with the average no. of comments.

To comment and to attract comments is an art and science as well.And in this field the topic on which you are posting and the general views of your readers plays an important part. For example if maximum of your readers are boxing fans and you keep writing about "7 habits of highly effective people" then surely there will be a disconnect. I have to work on this regard!

The most important thing in making of a sustainable blog? Quality Quality Quality!
I have observed that for posts in which I have put my heart out and used all my knowledge and skills to give the best to my readers, it has attracted huge response.Not so for others.So if you want to build your blog from a newbie to a pro, you will need a lot of quality posts. Originality is also of prime importance because if the post is entirely original then you can express yourself better and readers can relate to you on  a personal level.
For example, my post in which I had put up my first youtube video where I had sung the song 'Imagine' had a greate response and I had an exclusive coverage in atleast 3 different blogs(and without asking for it). And of course the song is great!

And a last word about SEO, I have particularly struggled in this regard and my current traffic % from search engines is only 4%. Now if you want to build a blog with sustainable traffic flow you surely need to perform better in this regard. However, some of my articles have really done well to attract visitors from Google search. If you type the word SIKKIM or SHIVA in google image search then the links to this blog will appear in page 3 or 4, now that's not bad at all and I am sure with some more backlinks and some more work I can surely perform better.
If you are own a blog then I know that you must have similar thoughts and experience as mine, I would love to have a piece of your mind. How has your blog done?

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