Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Problogging 1: Superb Blog designs.

So here's the very first in the series Problogging.

There are blogs which when visited makes us(bloggers) go green with envy.I am talking about the design of the blog.The way things are put up in a blog is very important for a lasting impression on the readers.Now, the exact design of your blog will depend upon a lot of things.The most basic of all it reflects your own personality in real life.Other factors are the content of the blog, the reason the blog was created(casual writing,some serious articles,money making blog or simply because all of your friends had one).

There are also a few blogs which are so cluttered up that you do  not know what goes where, where to find what?? The template is based on a dark theme and the post says 'How to find inner peace and lasting happiness'.
The moment you visit these blogs you just want to get out.It's as if you got into a messy room and want to get out asap.Be sure you don't want to setup things like that.

And still there are others where everything is in place neatly setup but the everything includes 'ads,ads,ads,ads and more ads'.All over the place you can find 125x125 banners for small ads,the leaderboard at the top, ads inbetween the post,at the footer and ads chipped in every concievable nook and corner of the screen.The reader becomes so overwhelmed with ads that sometimes it's really hard to find the content!!

And there are the soul savers where you immediately feel at home, some nice reading stuff and enough functionality(search,recent posts,stats,friendly comment forms,easy subscription links etc.) for the reader to feel comfortable.

Here I will feature some of the blogs which I find very attractive,friendly and worth featuring.

1.Sounds Interesting...
In the category of personal webpage design,this blog seriously contends for the top spot.
As soon as you view the webpage,you get a feeling of expansion,light colours,enough green to keep you feeling fresh during your reading time.The photo at the header of the Blog(of Bawa and Dinesh) lets you know who you are dealing with here.This is very important as the reader knows who has written the stuff,it makes it personal.

Another special feature is the addition of the buttons at the end of each post(Stumbleupon,digg...etc.).This gives a very easy platform for anyone who wants to promote the article.
The frame for entrecard is superb as well.The tabs at the top has been neatly arranged in a sticker fashion which gives it a homely feel.A very impressive design.

This guy is a super problogger. you can make that out just by viewing the readers count(33385).For one ad of 125x125 size he charges $500 per month.And there are not a few.Well the no. of ads in this blog I feel is justified because this is a Make Money Online blog so what better way than to lead by example.
Now the design, every inch of space is utilised so efficiently so as to pack up the maximum . One very interesting feature is the sliding window at the first sight ,which exposes the reader to many things in a very short duration.The peelaway ad at the top right is also very effective.


I just like the way the header blends with the body of the blog.Very neat posting area and a lot of goodies on the left.

Well I know that I have missed a lot of superb blog designs.It's humanly not possible to feature all of the great designs out of the 150 million blogs existing today.

If you have in your mind any design which you feel should be featured, feel free to comment.

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Anand Jage said...

excellent man, you could suggest me some wordpress theme for with background image modifiable..
my current waves of bliss has too many constraints... though the image is awesome

Abhay Karnataki said...

really nice designs. I think we need to start designing our own blog templates!

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