Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Art of Living provides a healing touch in SA.

The Art of Living has been continuously working towards providing relief for prisoners. This is a recent article covering the programme by BBC.

"Breathe in... And let go," she repeats.
The prisoners have their eyes shut, listening to her soothing voice.
They appear at peace with themselves.
"I can't see any smiles!" Ansuya says, and wide, honest grins appear on their faces.
They stand in their bright orange uniforms, flinging their arms up in a flurry of stretches.
Some inmates take it very seriously, others treat it like a bit of a lark, but it is clear that the lessons are popular. .......

Read the whole article here : BBC LINK


Teen Girl said...

Art of Living peacefully is quite needed in these terror filled unstable times!

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