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How to earn money from your blog?

This post is inspired by one of our reader's comments.(Abhishek)
Abhishek is a full time YES+ teacher and is currently taking courses in Arunachal Pradesh. You can read all of his inspiring and interesting stories here.

If you own a blog, and you love blogging(that means you post regularly) then why not make some money out of it too.In this post I will be highlighting some of the many ways as to how you can earn from your blog.
First things first, you must have a paypal account. Its free to open an account. Go to and create a free account. You have the option of linking your credit card and bank account to your paypal account but its not compulsory. You can very well send and receive money through paypal even if it's not linked with a credit card.

Now I will not be focussing so much on the big players. Big players here refers to people who have been blogging for a considerable amount of time(above an year) and have considerable content and considerable (>500 ) pageviews per day.Instead this post is for new bloggers who have set up a new blog and want to get started to earn from it.

1.Earn through ads
The first step in order to monetize your blog must be to sign up with a few ad networks, so that you can earn by running their ads on your blog. Now, the first name which comes is Google Adsense.Since Blogger is owned by Google, Adsense ads are an inherent part of the template though you may remove it. But in order to earn through adsense, you must explicitly create an adsense account. Go to and create an account.


Thouh adsense is one of the most popular and effective way to earn through ads , it is very unlikely that a new blog will be accepted by adsense. According to the rules only top domains are accepted i.e. . Though google has also accepted some blogger blogs with considerable pageviews.
So if you have less than 30 post and the blog is younger than 6 months its highly unlikely that your blog will be accepted by adsense.
And adsense also has a very strict rules about click fraud . so if your blog is accepted make sure no one clicks on the ads from your computer.Your account may be cancelled.This goes for other ad networks as well.
So if not Adsense then what?
Don't lose heart, there are a number of other ad networks which accept almost any kind of blog.So that even a new blog can start earning.
I have already written a post on this on my MMO blog, so I will not repeat it here.
Visit HERE to know about Alternatives to adsense

2. Paid Reviews

If you have a considerable amount of pageviews, then you can get paid for writing reviews of certain website of product. The pay amount usually starts from $5 per post. One of the popular networks offering paid reviews is Pay Per Post. Again , not all blogs are accepted. You can still give it a shot.

3.Paid To Search

Well this is not necessarily related to blogging, but if you are a regular blogger then you need to make a considerable amount of searches(for topics,images etc) . So why not get paid to search.
Yes! You get paid for every search that you make. There are many sites for this .Scour started with its own search engine where you can claim points for a gift card.
However, the most popular search engines are GOOGLE and YAHOO!
So won't it be great if you are paid just to search regularly.
HOMEPAGES FRIENDS is one such legitimate network where you get paid for every search. It uses YAHOO search engine.
Caution:If you hate the very sight of ads then you must stop reading right NOW.

In homepages friends, you make an account with them and do regular searching. The minimum payout is $40.
It also has a brilliant referral system where you can earn for searches your referrals make.Isn't that great?


There are a number of other ways to make money online which if discussed will make this post too long , so I will keep that for further posts.
REaders Note: I am really not sure how many of you would want to read more such posts about ONline Money Making in this blog?? So leave a comment as to how often I should write posts like this?

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