Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Satsang at Warangal.

Have been busy doing Satsangs for the past few months.. we had few in Bangalore and one in Coimbatore...

That's the pic from a local newspaper, it's in telegu.

Just came back from Warangal, Andhra Pradesh after conducting a Satsang there.
Had a comfortable train trip till Hyderabad and another one from there till Warangal.
A YES+ course conducted by Amarja and Raghav was in full swing on Saturday when we(me and Ramya) reached there.Around 380 participants were doing the course and the Hall where the course was happening was one of the best decorated one I have ever seen.The volunteers there had put their heart and soul to see that the participants had the best times of their life. Each Chart was like an Art Piece which would have easily taken hours to prepare. The volunteers were always on their toes to see if anybody needs anything. Just look at the sample pictures which I took from my Cell phone..
We had a brief demo Satsang with 3 bhajans on Saturday in the course and the participants were already on their feet right from the first bhajan.

Sunday was a full day and on the evening the participants had brought their friends and parents for the Satsang.. So we were all around 500 people..
The 2 hour long Satsang was amazing with tremendous response bringing 500 people on their feet when we hit “Dama dam Mast Kalandar”...
 “Jai Jai Radha Ramana” had to be repeatedly postponed 3-4 times.
It was all blissfully Chaotic....


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