Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stumbling into infinity - A review.

As of now (August 2010), This book has not been released in India yet. However I got my hands on it as someone had got it from the U.S. and just had the time to read about half of the book. (Thanks to Tapan bhaiya from Hyderabad)

Michael Fischman is one of the first few Art of Living teachers in the United States and has known Guruji since the early 80’s . Incidentally he describes his first meeting with him when he was still travelling with Maharshi Mahesh Yogi.
“Stumbling into infinity” is a book which I think comes in line with path breaking books like “ Autobiography of a Yogi” e.t.c. but which is much more contemporary and also relevant in this new age..
People who are associated with Art of Living or those who are even curious to know about what Art of Living is and who Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is, will find this book utterly fascinating. Its like reading the history of the Organisation written  as a personal memoir...

Mike, through the very detailed stories about how Guruji helped and guided him personally to grow in the path, also presents a very personal face of Sri Sri, who is today among one of the most famous personalities of this century.

If you just want Guru stories... then this book is a treasure... also revealing a few stories about Guruji which were unheard of ... even in Art of Living circles..
I can’t help but write about a few which had a big impact when I read them:

First One:
Mike writes about Maharshi Mahesh Yogi’s visit to Anand Mayi Maa. She is the same saint who is mentioned as “ Anand mOyi Ma” by Paramahamsa Yogananda in “Autobiography of a Yogi”.
Maharshi Mahesh Yogi had taken Guruji(that time known as Pundit Ravi Shankar) to meet her. When Anand Mayi Maa saw Guruji, she faced to Maharshi and told “Oh! Today you have brought to me the Ganga!” .... a little later clarifying further Anand mayi maa says “You have brought to me the one who will wash away ignorance from this earth!”..............  (goosebumps.....  J J)

Second One:
Mike mentions about his first visit to India when he was staying in Jayanagar at Gurujis’ residence. Bhanu didi, Rajshree Patel and a few others are mentioned..
Amidst other conversations, Guruji casually says to Mike( the author)  “ You know Mike, you should write down your experiences now.... someday they will inspire millions of people around the world...”
In 1989, this would not have made any sense . Now you know how...

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Anonymous said...

cool stuff, looking forward to its release! Thanks for sharing!

Pankaj A. Desai said...

This will surely be an awe-inspiring read!

Anonymous said...

Please put few more stories....
Vereinder Singh

Manish Panchmatia said... Event Report. When the author came to Bangalore to promote this book.

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