Friday, August 13, 2010

Do you listen to a song or to an Album?

Most of us listen to a song.
What I mean by this is that we come to know of the Artist by listening to the song and not the other way around.
For example, I came to know about Simon and Garfunkel when someone suggested me to listen to “ Sound of Silence”.
So if we are a casual listener, as opposed to a “FAN”, we tend to listen to popular numbers from a myraid collection of artists and from various genres of music. We come to know of a famous song from some where and that song finds  its way into our i-pods or mp3 players.
As opposed to the above is following a particular artist and listening to their complete albums. In the last few months I’ve been trying to listen to complete album of a few artists and I’ve found it very fulfilling. It’s as if I’m connected to that artist or band, and I’m part of their thoughts and happenings. It also helps me to understand what the musician is all about.
Curently I’m listening to Dave Matthew’s Band “Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux king” .
Try to do this:
“Mentally shut down all the songs which are there in your ipod or mp3 player, just take one album of some artist whom you like and listen to it when you feel like listening to music. When the mind is not bombarded by choices, it settles down and you’ll feel something wonderful coming out of listening to the music of that particular person or band.”

Let me know abour your experiences..


I'm Currently listening to Dave Mathhew's band...


Jim Hub said...

Hi, I definitely feel the same way you do. Music relaxes me. I'm in New Zealand and I see a lot of wonderful views in the country side, I bought a new Mp3 Player from a Great online shop. Now I enjoy listening to my favorite tunes while I see the view, nothing could ever make me feel so free and relaxed as this.

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