Monday, January 12, 2009

What Twitter can do for your blog?

It picked up like a wave in 2008 and according to my humble prediction it is the next level of social networking where everthing is short and instantaneous.
Well, if you have not signed up for twitter or don't know what twitter is the you may direct your browser here(Caroline has written it lucidly).

First things first, lets look at cold hard facts.Ever since the service started in late 2006,it has seen tremendous growth of the number of users maximum of which is in late 2008.According to the data provided by Hubspot, an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 new accounts are registered each day.And there were more than 5 million visitors in September 2008.I suspect it is much more right now.

So what does this mean to an average,not so geek blogger? It means that more and more people are meeting and will continue to meet at Twitter. The same concepts which made social networking sites like Facebook,Orkut,Myspace so popular etc may be applied but twitter has even more advantage. It is short,sweet,easily loaded, and you get the ideas of several people simultaneously.
So when most bloggers are busy discussing ideas,promoting products,driving traffic to their blogs/sites do you want to be left out?
Friends, twitter is the place to be in 2009!
It can do wonders to your blog in terms of traffic,ideas and networking.Most of the professional bloggers have a large following in twitter. Even Barack Obama has an account(though it was hacked some time earlier).Most of the professional networking bloggers have already taken twitter seriously and are religiously working to make the best use of this next big thing!
Darren (of Problogger fame) has even launched a separate blog for twitter called

So my advice to all the bloggers out there who are not twitting, is to create an account and start experimenting with this powerful social media network.
A few tips just to get started:
1.Just get to know more people with similar interests as you and start following them.Most of the blogs have a 'Follow me' button like you see on my left sidebar.If they like you, they may follow you too.The whole point is to increase the followers who actually is interested in what you have to say.
2.Twitter asks 'What are you doing?', my suggestion is not to include irrelevant act of yours such as 'I am eating' or ' I am scratching my itch'.
It might turn some of your followers off and may stop following you.
3.Learn more about Twitter etiquitte or Twitetiquitte(if you may), by reading some great articles written by Darren.

And don't forget to Follow me!:)


komal said...

hmm must ry out twitter sometime soon seems interesting. thanks for ur recent posts on blogging i must say theyre really good and extremely helpful for bloggers like me. Oh an dive changed my blog template and done a few things wwith my blog do leave you c7 c on my new additions and all.. btw am still getting a hang on html and stuff like that....will add twitter soon..

Brian Elliott said...

Good post about Twitter. It took me a while to figure out how I could benefit from using it.
I will be following you. You can follow me at

Lilian said...

am a member of twitter but doesnt use much if some1 follow me then i will log in...guess ill try and see how!

Camper Trailers Queensland said...

I agree that twitter is growing at enormously level which will definitively help you out in increasing the blog page rank or so

promotional product said...

It is short,sweet,easily loaded, and you get the ideas of several people simultaneously.

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