Saturday, January 10, 2009

The art and joy of Commenting!

Going by the statistics, for a majority of blog readers commenting is a pain! That is why for every comment maybe more than 50 people must have read the same article.So the topic I want to deal with today is why we should comment ? and equally important is How we should comment?

As with most of my articles, even this article focuses on the so called 'small blogs' or 'new blogs'.
When your blog is very new or attracting very less visitors then comments to your posts will be very less or virtually non-existent. I remember when I started blogging then I would check in several times a day to see if someone have commented on what I have written or not.Most of the times I would be sad to see 'No comments'. Then what did I do?
I started visiting likeminded blogs with interesting contents which matches my frequency and left a piece of my mind wherever I felt appropriate. I noticed that suddenly all those bloggers visited me back and left comments on my articles. As you can see there are lot more comment on my recent posts than what it used to be 3 months back. In fact I have grown a small community around this blog. The ratio of comments on my posts are much more than the global average considering the fact the daily page views of this blog is not so much.(maybe around 100).
So what are the benefits of commenting on other blogs? Here are short one liners:

1.Your own blog gets more visitors and more comments on each post.
2.If the blog is a 'do-follow' , you get a valuable backlinks which works wonders in the long run.
3.You build a small blogging community of your own .
4.You learn more because you need to be totally involved in the discussion to leave an effective comment.
5.If the blog is an 'A-lister' blog( the Big Boys), and if you happen to be among the first commenters, it can drive massive traffic to your blog.
6.By commenting frequently you build your own brand in the blogging community.People recognize you and therefore your blogs value increases.
7.You have the satisfaction and pride of participating in a discussion.

Equally important is the quality of your comment. There are a lot of spammers out there who just say a 'Good' or a 'Great' just because they want all the goodies that come with commenting. Your comment should be well thought over and if you are praising or voicing an opinion against an article or something , it is a good habit to explicitly state what you liked/disliked about the post.
And don't forget to respond to the comments on your post. The readers read the conversation on the comments and if they find it interesting then they might leave a piece of their mind too.
The bottomline is "Commenting is an art which if practiced with patience becomes joy."

By the way, you can start practicing the skills you read above by commenting on this post . he he :)


Amith said...

I totally agree with your view....For most bloggers commenting is just a matter a pain..i was also considering commenting as a matter a pain...Now after reading your post i am trying to change myself by commenting on other blog's.....

Thanks a lot for this great article.... :)

komal said...

yup i agree with your views in this post even most bloggers consider typing two sentences of comments a pain when most of them can type a few paragraphs for a single post.. very informative post for newer bloggers like me.. thanks keep up the great work.

Vivek Barun said...

Wow , a lot of praise coming in....
keep the comments coming..

Madmouse Blog said...

That is very true that the ratio is that high when it comes for people to comment on your blog.
What is sad about this is, if they would take the time to comment they would actually pick up some free traffic back to their site.
Many smaller blog owners will actually spend the time to visit your site as well and comment as well.

The concept of commenting is like taking a one way street and turning it into a two way street. Most people just don't get the value of commenting and then they wonder why they don't have much traffic.

There is strength in numbers, so it is time to team up bloggers and start commenting.

Vivek Barun said...

I most definitely agree. Its time to team up bloggers and start commenting.
It's a win-win for all.
So next time don't think! just do it!

Jan said...

Since only a small percentage of blog visitors leave comments it's understandable that a blog with small traffic will even have a more pronounced lack of commenters. It happened for weeks on end at my quiet blog. But little by little, this is starting to change. I helped it along by being active in other blogs - commenting, asking questions by email. I still refer to my blog as quiet - it still is compared to other blogs with high traffic. But it's not a term of derision anymore. I know now it's a phase for new blogs to go through. :)

Vivek Barun said...

Right said Jan, every blog has to go through that phase unless of course you have a very successful blog and use it as a lauchpad for another blog.

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The concept of commenting is like taking a one way street and turning it into a two way street. Most people just don't get the value of commenting and then they wonder why they don't have much traffic.

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