Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How often do you post?

Though it is important to keep up the posting on your blog in a regular pace but I find that it is not at all necessary to be posting twice a day or even everyday.
Though this is a delicate topic and some may argue that the most successful blogs have many posts coming up in a day, I feel that it is a matter of your convenience and the target audience.If your blog is about blogging tips then it makes sense to post daily because the readers will be very active online and may visit your blog even several times a day,  but if you blog about your holiday adventures then I don't see the urgency to post everyday.

Regular readers of this blog might know that I keep up posts roughly around 2 days apart because I simply don't feel like writing everyday and also quality suffers if I force myself to write something just to make up for that day. But I also make it a point that two posts are not very apart. Long absence from posting may make your readers feel that you are disinterested and you can lose loyal readers.(there are always a few)

So guys , the bottom line is QUALITY and also your interest.If you don't feel like posting today,just don't do it! I see several blogs where the posts are simply written to cover some space. I never visit those blogs again!

What do you do? Do you post everyday?


WOMWON said...

Every other day. That should be about right. It also depends on the length of the post. If a blogger has written a very lengthy and meaty post today they might not have time to do the same tomorrow.

Janrafi said...

last year i wanted to post regularly. at least 3 days in between. but with my busy schedule and stuffs.. i wasn't able to do so. this year, hopefully i get better.

Sandy22 said...

I would love to have the time to post more. I am so new that I am afraid if I don't keep at it I will never get enough readers. Right now I appreciate finding content to read that relates to posting. Thanks Vivek!

Vivek Barun said...

Yeah that's right, If I have written a detailed(meaty if u may, but i am veg) post then I don't find time or interest to do it the next day.
Sandy and Janrafi, you are welcome.

newbiesblogger said...

I love to write, but as you know that I'm not full time blogger, so I just write 1 post for 2-3 day and when i'm not writing i will visit my fellow blog..

Grasshopper said...

I am an addicted blogger, so I am always hunting for new ideas. My ideal is seven days a week. But I manage only 4 to 5.

Portable Tap Dance Floors said...

I update every week to make sure that my readers will get updates coming from me. I want them to keep on visiting my website.

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