Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Go, learn the Art of Living!

Just now I came across this article.

WHAT would be the fate of an employee who is seriously detrimental in the interest of an organisation? He would probably face the axe for his mistake.

Shiv Sai Infosys Pvt Ltd, a city-based BPO, caught three of its young employees in an act that jeopardised the interest of the organisation. But, instead of sacking them the company sent the boys for a week to undertake Art of Living course at Sri Sri Ravishankar's ashram in Bangalore all this at the company's expense.

And the two are thankful that they did the course which changed their perspective.
Taking this as an example and a lesson, all organisations must come forward and give this golden opportunity to their employees to experience something as beautiful as the Sudarshan kriya.

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Anonymous said...

They are miracles indeed!!

Anjana Didi said: We do wait for miracles to happen we rely on them!

That is the power of AOL !:)

Jai Gurudev!

Vivek Barun said...

that is actually,
We do not believe on miracles, but we rely on them!

Anonymous said...

I was involved in The Art of Living with sri sri ravi Shankar for ten years.
Has he sold you any of the tapes yet?. or the tshirt. . Wait until you ask for something for nothing. His guards will throw you out of the ashram.

Until i met him I didn't realise evil existed, not in it's true sense. i know now that it does. I hope you have a happy time with the devil. keep hold of your soul. and remember that the sudarshan kriya is in every yoga book or course you do, and it is free.

His sister can sell you a nice dress to help her boys with their US school fees. happy life to you.

He is an animal, like are we all, but he has learned to be an untamed one.

Please be careful, there is evil there.

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