Friday, March 18, 2011

A clear bias against Art of Living. With 60% vote, Ashram still not included in "Seven Wonders of Bangalore".

Well you would regard a prestigious paper such as the Times of India and its subsidiary Bangalore Mirror to be unbiased and free. There is proof that it is not so.
If you remember, Bangalore Mirror had sometime taken up the charge of identifying "Seven Wonders of Bangalore."
Out of the seven Wonders selected, it had conveniently left out the Most Beautiful and Peaceful Ashram, Sri Sri Ravi Shankas's abode out of the list.
Bangalore Mirror had asked people to vote through sms and online for their favorite wonders.
I just found this xls sheet of the total number of votes casted, names of people and their choices.

You can see the sheet in the link:
(Respecting the views of many readers, I have removed the link as the excel sheet  contains a lot of phone numbers and email ids of Art of Living devotees. To prevent misuse of the contacts, I am not providing the link here. )

This is a snapshot of the excel sheet file:

You can see that out of the 3044 total entries, 1695 people have voted for the Art of Living Ashram.
An entry which gets more than 60% vote for a contest does not get a place in the top 7 ? Isn't that ridiculous ?
My question to Bangalore Mirror is simple : If you don't want to take public opinion in your judgements then why do you do the farce of telling people to go and vote for the nominations ?


Pankaj A. Desai said...

Dear Vivek,

That is a superb piece of investigative Journalism, Vivek!

I wonder why 'Bangalore Mirror' even bothers to conduct public opinion polls if it has its decision pre-determined!

Prashant said...

there are even entries voting it as vishakalshi mantap", "sri sri ravi shankar ashram", ones which dont mention art of living in the recommendation field..
so the number is far greater than 1695 too..

Vivek Barun said...

You are absolutely right Prashant. There are many entries which do not mention art of living. They contains other phrases like vishalakshi mantap, sri sri ravi shankar ashram etc.
So the % is still higher than 60%

Anonymous said...

Dear Vivek,
Jai Gurudev! I understand your point of view. On the other hand, let us say 'WOW' and move on.
Guruji doesn't need this. We all know how extraordinary VM is and why we are so happy with AOL!
Jai Gurudev!

Vandana, AOL The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

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