Sunday, March 29, 2009

Living intensely every moment.

Just happened today morning so felt like sharing it with you all.
Yesterday, after a blissful satsang at the Art of Living International centre in the divine presence of his holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, we reached back home quite late. It was quite an adventure coming back from the ashram in the local BMTC bus, there were only 100 ppl inside the bus(the capacity is of somewhre around 30 i guess).
Since the other four ppl coming back from me were staying in IISc, even  I decided to stay back.
Slept at around 2 pm, got up at 6 am and while going to the bathroom a knowledge point came to my mind "Live intensely, every action of yours should be intense, look intensely, smile intensely, laugh intensely, talk intensely".
I don't exactly remember where I had heard Guruji talk about intensity in action, but the knowledge just crossed my mind. And I thought "OK, let me live today intensely, everything I do will be intense for today!".

Live each moment intensely

Then we all did the Sunday long kriya. Kapil, my dear friend and a Yes+ teacher had come to take the follow up. Generally, after the kriya, Kapil reads a knowledge sheet and speaks a little on the topic.
After reading today's knowledge sheet he said  " Let's do one thing, we will celebrate each week as something-week and throughout that week we will implement it! Let's decide on this week's topic!"
No surprise that no one made a sound. Everyone was so " chilled-in " after the kirya.
HE continued "This week will be intensity week. Let us live intensely. Whatever we do, let us do intensely. YOu know, when we live each moment intensely, then we gather no karmas and all our karmas are burnt."

And I said "WOOOOOW".


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