Saturday, January 17, 2009

Track visitors to your blog in real time(LIVE)!

Google Analytics is great to track your blog statistics at the end of the day. However it would be interesting to know how your visitors drop by to your blog IN REAL TIME.
This is specially important if you want to know how quick the response is to any traffic generation method you are using. For example, how quick the response is if you are declaring that you have a new post in Facebook?
or How quickly people know about this if you are using Twitter?
You not only get to know the location of your visitor and the source( e.g. twitter,entrecard,google etc) but also lot of other statistics such as the browser and the operating system used and also how did the visitor exited from your blog i.e. after clicking which link. This service is provided by FEEDJIT and the page looks something like this:

The best part of all this is, it is a completely free service and you don't even have to give your email or register or any such thing. You get the result instantaneously.

So are you eager to try this for your blog. Follow the following steps:

1. Cut and paste the following url in the address bar:
( Replace 'yoursite' in the above url with your website name)
       For blogspot blogs use:
2. Click on the 'Turn Sounds On' button.
3. Now start a discussion in some Blog Directory such as Mybloglog,Blogcatalog etc, or send a Tweet giving a link to your blog, or submit an article to Stumbleupon or digg or do something so that visitors find a link to your blog NOW!
4. That is it, just enjoy the sweet sound everytime a visitor drops by .

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komal said...

hey yes it was quite helpful tough i have a long way to to go before i figure out the finer aspects of blogging...

komal said...

hey finally added it seems interesting and ive reverted back to my old templte i liked that one better.. ive also updated my blog 3 posts over 3days whoo thats a lot for me do check it out..

aziz said...

i use that scripts ;)

Wedding Photography Spain said...

That is cool idea of real time basic instinct fact that have been create by the Google which for sure will help the blogger out their.

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