Saturday, October 18, 2008

The greatest batsman ever?

 "The god of Cricket"

Just read in the paper about Sachin Tendulkar's record of being the highest run getter in ODI and TEst.
Just felt nice. Growing up all these years seeing him play and to know that he is still around makes me sort of nostalgic and brings back memories of my childhood when all the kids and grown ups alike used to cheer for him.
I simply love the guy. His simplicity and humility sets him apart.

The recent years have not been very kind on him but the way he fought it and came out to prove his audacity is really amazing.
After all it's not everytime that a man is able to score 28,388 runs!!


bhawana kapoor said...

Yeah wow, seriously this guy has been around from a long time now, remember watching his boost ad with kapil dev, when i was reaally young.
Yeah it feels great.
He is pretty cooool

Karan said...

done for today.

now ur turn.

Anonymous said...

Great achievment yaeh

Thats the fame of the youth!! what say?

Tushar Dhoot said...

Great post Varun!

I agree, Sachin has come a long way and he definitely deserves all the praise we can offer him.

karan said...

done for today

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