Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Did you try Google Chrome?

Well, the buzz all over the internet is about Google releasing its first ever web browser. Though it is still in beta stage, i feel it has already entered the league of popular browsers like IE 6,7,8, Mozilla Firefox,Opera, Netscape etc.
So have I tried it? Yes
And my first reaction would be NEAT...
Very sleek, fast and just to the point.
And some of its features are just too good not to be included in a browser.For instance, the thing where you can slide the tabs and pull a tab into a new window.
Also the incognito window thing is cool( for certain apps...he he).

To check some of the exciting features, have a view.

So whatever the world is saying about the many bugs existing and not
supporting add-ons, I feel google chrome will be a big part of the way
we browse in the future. Together with firefox, i think this was the
last nail to Microsoft's coffin.
And personally , I already like Google Chrome.Hope to see the full fledged version in about 6 months...


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