Saturday, August 30, 2008

The most beautiful place in the world!

If you are wondering which is the most beautiful place in the world, then the good news is we all have been there and it is called "HOME".
So as the first post in this blog I just feel like I should write about my home, the place I was born and the place where I first took my baby steps.

I was born in the state of Sikkim.A tiny HImalayan state which was much of a hidden kingdom between the three neighbouring countries of Bhutan,Nepal and China(formerly Tibet).

Well the first thing you will notice in the map is that it has 80% of its borders with foreign countries,with a tiny sort of passageway to west bengal.It is like a little baby happily sleeping in the cradle of the highest and the most trechareous mountain range in the world "The Himalayas".
I say sleepy and happy because it is the most peaceful state in India.Even as a child I remember there was news of a murder or assault or strike only once or twice a year and things haven't changed much since.There are no terrorist outfits in Sikkim, the only northeast state to qualify for the honour and the literacy rate has leaped from a meager 60 so so % in 1975 to 85% in 2000.

Here are some stills...
Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world and the highest in India.

A group of young buddhist monks.

A trek in the hills.
This statue is huge, he is Guru Padmasambhava, the Indian Saint from Ujjain who went to China through Sikkim and introduced Kung Fu in the Shaolin Temple.

When I go home, I just feel the serene and calmness of the natural beauty of the place with the the clanging of prayer wheels and one the most secluded buddhist monastries(gompas) in the world.Here is one view from my home...

A view from my home.

The capital city, Gangtok.

Tsomgo Lake(Changu) , the most visited tourist place in Sikkim.

A secluded monastery.

I have some very beautiful experiences to share about my early years, but more about that in the next post.....


vinay said...

Nice photos vivek. I should visit these places once.

bhawana kapoor said...

I can almost imagine what it would have been like growing up in such a heavenly place. Simple.
The look of your blog is Cool . Keep it

Abhay Karnataki said...

Hey, fantastic design man, very nice look of the new blog.

the photos are too good, the lake, the view from home... if you get such a view from home itself, no need to go for outings! :)

keep posting!

vivek barun said...

actually my home itself is a tourist spot so....

Jo!! said...

nice pics

such a amazing and a beautiful place!

Will be surely visiting the place sometime!

Apps said...

Love the view from your home.. Its grand !!! With the blue mountains and the pink trees... beautiful.

Cecilia said...

very nice really..esp when one talks about home...i like ur blog background it ur own or a template? really!

Vivek Barun said...


The template is not mine but done a lot of modifications on it.

Vivek said...

hi vivek this is vivek from gwalior i m going to sikkim next mont in the first week of dec with my wife can u suggest me the places to visit or economical places to stay and possible and approachable places to stay and to visit. looking for your reply

vivek barun said...

hey vivek,
your blogger profile is not accessible do didn't know how to contact you.
but still I would say it's december so it will be freaking cold out there.
Take a lot of warm clothes.
Places to visit:
Changu lake is a beautiful place and very frequently visited.
Rumtek monastery is a must.
I you want to play with snow you should visit Yumthang.
If you are a bit more adventurous then try out rafting in teesta river. it's fun.
As for staying, you will have to stay in a hotel in Gangtok(don't have much idea about which hotel).
Do you have a travel agent or going on your own?
let me know .

Gaurav Chaudhari said...

Hi dear..Your blog brings back fond memories of my two adventure camps in sikkim in my shooldays..Now that I'm about to finish my education , i'd love to plan a long trip of the whole o sikkim..Hopin to receive some valuable travel trips.Hows the YES+ scene there?I'm a teacher so we can also think along those lines?

Sandy22 said...

Love it! Nice - beautiful country. I live in Ventura, CA. We have the beach. Short drive to the foothills....3 hours to forest. I feel blessed and you should too. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Would love to visit Sikkim some time. On another note, I came across your blog through Indiblogger. You have a very well designed blog. Nice layout and very interesting posts. Keep up the good work!

ugen said...

Very nice blog indeed. I love Sikkim and have been to most parts of your beautiful state. See my website for some photos from there.Ugen

niva said...

hey vivek da. khushi here. came across your blog while i was searching for some pics on sikkim for a ppt presentation. must say it's brilliant!

zidiniai said...

Wow. Amazing photos. I just can't believe such beauty exists.

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