Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its not an enviable job - Sri Sri speaks candidly..

One of the most busy humanitarian of our times. Meeting millions of people everyday. How does he manage to do this? Many of us must have thought about how his schedule would be. What would it be like to be Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. In one of the most candid talks, in the video Guruji talks about how he manages to look at everyone and smile at them. How some devotees do gimmicks to grab attention. And about the hyperactive Art of Living volunteer.

Some of the interesting things he says in the video are:

"Whenever I am with a person I'm with them 100%" - Sri Sri

"Do you think it is an easy job? I tell you it is not at all an enviable job." - Sri Sri

"And there are some others who just want to draw attention, they do all sorts of gimmicks." - Sri Sri

"Our volunteers are hyperactive sometimes. They do kind to everybody else other than me." - Sri Sri

"When people ask me 'Do you watch movies?' I say "I'm watching movies everyday! I can't find a better entertaintment!"


Rara3j said...

"Guruji din look @meeeee :( waaahhhh" has happened to me a zillion times i guess....... hehehehehe....beatiful revelations every AOL member SHOULD watch.

rahul said...

Wow... Thanks for the Post Vivek.. This is so very important for all of us. We should know how it is to be like Sri Sri (althgh one can never be).
Just LOVE him so very much... :)

Akhilesh said...

The connection to the Guru is far from the obvious. It is said that when Sariputra came to Buddha, he came with many many questions in his mind. Buddha said, you just sit here and I will answer you. So Sariputra sat. He sat, sat and sat and soon the questions dissolved. Buddha has taught him all he had to without a single word being uttered. Finally Buddha said to Sariputra, 'My child. Go. Go and teach the world'! Sariputra had reached, without a single word or gesture from Buddha. The ways of the wise are unfathomable. In the Narada Bhakti Sutras, Narada says "Mahatsangastu Durlabhe, Agamyo, Amogascha'. Which means 'The company of the enlightened is hard to find, Unfathomable and simple marvelous.' Move from words to wisdom. That is the way of the wise.

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