Friday, October 22, 2010

A Fresh Start to Blogging

For the past few months I was very irregular in posting to this blog. The reason (very lame) for that was I didn't have internet at home. But nonetheless I posted a few posts, released the Satsang Lyrics book  . But back with a bang, now I will be posting regularly talking my mind out about things in general and Art of Living (and all its associated paraphernalia) in particular.
By the way I got a Brand New Computer, assembled with my own hands, 4 gb RAM, 23" Monitor and the works... so making the best use of it to Blog.

The things that happened till now.... we had a series of Bhakti concerts, I travelled for a few satsangs in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Warangal etc.., I (along with 29,999 other people) had a mesmerizing Navratri celebration in the Ashram with Guruji, my pet grasshopper died....etc
Want to write about all these things and more...

And also you might have noticed that the template has changed, let me know your feedback and suggestions for improvement.


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