Monday, April 13, 2009

Yoga Vasistha: Spirit of Enquiry

Vasistha continued:
Enquiry(the second gate keeper to liberation) should be undertaken by an intelligence that has been purified by a close study of the scripture, and this enquiry should be unbroken. By such enquiry the intelligence becomes keen and is able to realise the supreme; hence enquiry alone is the best remedy for the long-lasting illness known as samsara.
The wise man regards strength, intellect, efficiency and timely acton as the fruits of enquiry. Indeed, kingdom, prosperity, enjoyment as well as final liberation are all the fruits of enquiry.When the mind has been rendered dull by the absense of enquiry, even the cool rays of the moon turn into deadly weapons, and teh childish imagination throws up a goblin in every dark spot. Hence, the non- enquiring fool is a storehouse of sorrow.
They in whom the spirit of enquiry is ever awake illumine the world, enlighten all who come into contact with them, dispel the ghosts created by an ignorant mind, and realise the falsity of sense-pleasures and their objects.
The eye of spiritual enquiry does not lose its sight even in the midst of all activities; he who does not have this eye is indeed  to be pitied. It is better to be born as a frog in the mud, a worm in the dung, a snake in a hole, tha to be one without this eye.
What is enquiry? To enquire thus "Who am I? How has this evil of samsara(repetitive history) come into being?"
Knowledge of truth arises from such enquiry and ends all sorrow.


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