Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A brilliant Yes+ week comes to an end.

The YES+ with JD bhaiya was one of the best. Full of energy and belongingness, it just swept away everyone in its wave of happiness,knowledge and devotion.
JD bhaiya conducted the course with absolute perfection and there was no room of even .0001% error.
Most of the participants were from the IISc and we had a few rounds of brilliant questions and answer sessions throughout the course.
And the satsangs with JD bhaiya mesmerizing everyone with this guitar skills and melodious voice were simply brilliant.
All in all a fantastic course and a fresh batch of 50 or so YES+ graduates.
The icing in the cake was the early morning visit to the Veda-Agama Gurukul campus in the Ashram where we had a short devi puja conducted and also the Guru Puja. We even visited the Goushala and everyone was silenced by the solidified peace of the entire ashram specially the Gurukul area.
Comments like "I feel that we have travelled back in time to the vedic times" were very common.
To get all this in your first YES+ course, you need to be really lucky.
This course had a record 5 YES+ teachers present with JD bhaiya leading them and also on board were Smita di, Niharika di,Vasudha and Ganesh ji.
Also a record of around 700 pics were taken by me alone(not counting several other camera's at work)
Enjoy the pics below:


This one is an after course chill at IISc 
Mesmerizing effect

 A spectacular view!
A walk to remember.

All smiles 
Whether you have done it already or not, don't miss the next YES+ course, take it for granted that it will be one of the best times of your life!!


bhaw said...

yes! traveling back to the vedic times...heheh one of my favourite journeys :-)

jai Gurudev

komal said...

hmm travelling back to the great vedic btimes wow and i just love the agama pathshala esp when guruji himself does the lakshmi puja on friday mornings truly blissful.... JGD.. and the pics seem that that yes+ was rocking..

Vivek Barun said...

It sure was absolutely rocking!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing i dnt know who JD was now i do ! he he :) and btw it will be nice if you can get links of other YES!+ courses like one taken by abhishek bhaiyah so it adds to your page rank etc ;) !

or link to yes!+ blogs
[if you find any other blog i would love to follow]


Ram JAIGURU DEV said...

nice pics you had taken...
at last aman did the course..
i would luv to know when is the next course..

kapil & ram

Vivek Barun said...

@aparna nice reminder thanks sometimes links just slip from my mind. i will add them from next post .

@ ram

the next course is announced on 16 march.@ malleswaram.

Abhishek Ratna said...

heyy great going vivek...this is such an awesome happening...would look fwd to more news

Vinay said...

Waah!! Kya Baat hai.

Kaushik said...

Hi Vivek,

Great to see all the smiling faces on the Mvm YES+. hope some of my frnds will be able to catch the next one in March. I wonder if you remember me :) We´ve met in some IISc satsangs a few months ago!


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