Friday, December 12, 2008

The supreme Yoga

Wanted to write about this a long time ago.

If you have read even once 'Yoga Vasistha' then you know how delightful and fulfilling it is. It immediately dispels all the bickering and complaints,fears and desires,worries and anxiety of this small mind of ours.
I simply love the way it is translated by Swami Venkateshananda. No beating around the bush.No sweet talk.Dot to the point.
And after reading it I could imagine why 'Yoga Vasishta' is considered the crown jewel of all the scriptures.
The scripture which has existed for thousands of years is a dialogue between Shri Ram and his Guru Vasistha.
In the begining it describes how an immense dispassion entered the heart of Shri Ram and he started being aloof and keeping to himself understanding all the world and the actions to be futile.
It was a step just before enlightenment.
Then Sage Vasistha imparts this knowledge unto him and also to countless others in the generations to come.

Sage Vasistha has a way of imparting the highest truth on the face without much decorating with words.
I remember and instance in Bawa's room in Vishwamitra one day when suddenly the discussion turned to Yoga Vasistha and Bawa said   :" You know in one instance Shri  Ram puts forward a question to Vasistha and Sage Vasistha replies "THIS IS AN IMMATURE QUESTION!" " and he gave one of his sweet chuckles "Imagine telling to Lord Ram 'YOur question is immature'!!.....another chuckle.

And also there are many very very interesting stories narrated by the Sage and he has a characteristic way of telling them. It starts with " A very long time(some world cycles) ago there was a king .....and so and so happened..........
 I tell you this first hand because I was there in the king's court!!"

Yoga Vasistha is the highest level of philosophy in any culture which can be conceived of.No wonder a few intelligent people realised this and twisted a few things and came up with 'THE MATRIX'.

So what is Yoga Vasistha all about??



Anonymous said...

abstract!! but very true!! :)

it will be nice when you mention the book send some links to buy that book online[in divine shops] so we support Indian book industry! :)

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Hey Vivek, can i feature ur song video Imagine on my blog?

Jeet Bookseller said...

Really nice way to put across, I fell like starting the book right away....

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