Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A series of series.

What do you do when you don't have a cable TV connection?? Watch movies!!
What do you do when you run out of good movies to watch??
Watch TV series.

Well , yes. We all have been addicted to one series or the other. Some made us cry, some inspired us, some just stirred the sweet romantic emotions and others just got us hooked for endless hours giggling and laughing.

The first series which I remember watching was.....yes, you guessed it right. FRIENDS!

It is such a normal series but still got millions of people hooked on to it. I still remember how we used to watch friends during my 1st year in the hostel, that too just before exams. wow, those were the days.
I must confess that I just love FRIENDS.Whenever I feel a bit low and have nothing to watch, I get out one of the old dvd of FRIENDS. It brings back all the happy memories and makes me feel lighter instantly.
My favorite friends character is JOEY! Simply love his happy-go-lucky attitude.PHOEBE is also cool. Who's your favorite??

Well guys(i refer to males here), some action now!

I've been watching HEROES seriously for some time now and I'm up to date with the episodes. I think it has reached season 3 episode 4. Ya?
If you are to still to watch it, just do it. It's cool with all the powers and special effects.

LOST. I really got lost into it. It's a decent series, a refreshing story of a few survivors of an airplane crash who end up in a undiscovered island. Things go as predicted and nice until they discover that there are 'OTHERS' in the island. But it's hell long.
I just finished season 4 episode 14. each season has about 23 episodes.

Just starting today PRISON BREAK. Haven't watched it yet but my friends who have tell me that it's cool . Have you watched it? How's it??

I know there are other cool series too, let me know about the other cool ones , specially in the science-fiction genre!

BUT no HINDI soaps please!!!


bhawana kapoor said...

Yeah I never get tired of friends..
I also like Will n Grace
These days, I just can't get enough of Family Guy, its animated and just tooo funny, unbelievably genius and funny for me !!


Vivek Barun said...

I'll try those two!!

Anand Jage said...

dont watch tv a lot except for EPL an champions league..
haan your template advice ..thanx .. being a libran i will not stick to it too long.. i have got my friend Ruchi to design images for it..
can you help me with my comment form.. visitors cant see comments made by previous visitors though i have checked the radio settings to show comments..!!!

tanu said...

you ve got to watch HOUSE ... its bout this doctor ..whos a brilliant guy with the most heightened sarcasm and cynicism ...very entertaining .. and one of the very rare TV series that is factually correct ..

Vivek Barun said...

@tanu hmm. house, will try that too.
@anand you should try out the embed linline comment post from bloggerbuster. It worked for me.

Jeet Bookseller said...


Prison Break is just tooo good... I've just seen one season... and every episode ended with a superb twist... have to see other seasons....

Friends is no doubt the most entertaining

cheth said...

done for the day...!!

now this phrase done for the day sounds really awkward so we could change that to some better comment like commenting to the topic..

well I've watched both prison break series and F.R.I.E.N.Ds must say the latter is more entertaining. .

iminkul said...
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iminkul said...

How i met your mother

The situations and scenes will remind you of Friends but still funny in it's own way.

Currently being aired is Season 4

Vivek Barun said...

will check that out iminkul. thanks

cheth said...

was here... well read the comment and yes put some ads now.. please ask the other members not to post its done for the day comment and ask them to comment on the topic.. please..

cheth said...

drop on your Entrecard as well.

cheth said...

Entrecard drop..oh yes i saw the scrap on orkut must say i lost interest in orkut these days so i aint active there.

soon gonna borrow the all season of F.R.I.E.N.D s yippe!

cheth said...

no visit today.. ? the other guy karan goel visited me today.. anyways was thinking of an entrecard contest wot do you say? we both can sponsor it i'm read yo give 1000 EC credits

cheth said...

what is that mmo ? and sorry that guy canimoney never gave a visit to my blog and comments too why take tension to such a person... only u and karan goel visit me..

cheth said...

and yes i purchased an entrecard advert so please approve it

cheth said...

ok visited both the blogs...

Anonymous said...

whoops...too may comments to read but in case nobody has mentioned, try

Everybody love Raymond. and if you happen to get a series called "boy meets the world" do let me know...used to watch it on DD2

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