Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The most viewed video on Youtube!

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Lakhs and lakhs of videos are uploaded to youtube everyday.Ever wondered which is the most viewed video??

Well, I had thought that the most viewed video would be something to do with cokeandmenthol or George Bush perhaps, but no, the most popular video of all timeon YouTube, so far, has been Evolution of Danceby comedian Judson Laipply. It was added to YouTube on April 06, 2006
and has since gone on to attract 100,623,813 Million views.
It has 389,948 ratings.
It's had 216,032 comments, the first of which was: "That was freaking AWESOME! Thanks
for sharing!!".

According to a SMH article
at the end of 2006, Laipply is a comedian and motivational speaker from
Cleveland, Ohio. The video shows him dancing a six-minute routine
encompassing 32 songs spanning more than 50 years of music and dance.
In many ways this is your typical YouTube video - a funny, goofy, short
and clever video, in this case uploaded by and starring a
professional comedian. But there are tens of thousands of similar
videos on YouTube, uploaded by enthusiastic amateurs (mostly teens).

Incidentally, on Laipply's website there is an accompanying cat video - proving once and for all that this success story was by and for the Web.


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that was amazing! extraordinary!

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