Sunday, October 5, 2008

A fresh new look!

Phew! Its almost 5 am. Working on the new template for the past 7 hours.
So how is the new look?? One thing is certain, it's fresh!!
and also lot of things here are completely customized.
A few reasons made me change my older template to this one.A major reason being that I favour a 3 column template more than others simply because it can pack so much and make navigation so much easier for the readers.
Now the best part of the new template is the header which I created from scratch using photoshop.How's the vishalakshi mantap background?
Pretty huh?
The basic theme is called Maggo from Themelib.It took me some doing to convert this business template to a happy fresh look of a blog.

See the original template here.

This is the most I have spend in a template(I mean time).All the images here had to be hosted, the text fonts and colour had to be manipulated.Size of the header etc redone. So basically a lot of work for a day.
But still a lot is still to be done. I plan to change the basic blue body to light green which will blend with the header(again a lot of job in photoshop).
But enough for a day.Will catch some sleep before heading for Ashram!!!

Let the comments keep coming.If something is not working or doesn't look good please inform me.


Sunand K Nambiar said...

nice look.. good job..

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