Friday, September 19, 2008


I know that quality content is the base of a successful blog, but frankly I created this blog to write things which I like however unimportant they may seem. But somehow when you know that the world is going to read your stuff we knowingly or unknowingly try to put up a mask potraying ourself as something else and writing about only the good suff.
I break this routine right now.!

I am having hiccups. It's been about 4 hrs.Ever since I ate that hot stuff at S.P Road it's been occuring at a frequency of about .1Hz.
It continues unabated even while I write this post.
So what are you thinking? "Idiot, go and drink lots of water!!"
well, I tried that.  
"Eat something sweet"
Tried it.
I never had this hiccups for so long so I don't know what else is there to eat or drink.
Do you know of something? Might help if it is still continuing when you comment.
It's still on.....  If it was cough or sneeze I could have attempted to put it into alphabets but HICCUPS!! how do you letterize the sound???


bhawana kapoor said...

I am sure your hiccups subsided calmly,
SO, for the next time : say outloud, the name of the person who you think is missing/thinking of you the most!

Bang on, If you get the right name, hiccups will stop.

Vivek Barun said...

Thanks Bhawana

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